Houston takes a major step toward a zero-emissions transit fleet with 20 new electric buses

Using public transportation to commute to work or to school shouldn't include a daily dose of toxic pollution. Houston is taking a major step to solve that problem.

On July 20, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) announced its proposal to add 10 new zero-emission buses and 10 electric cutaway buses to its fleet starting in the spring of next year. These new additions to Houston's buses will help to reduce diesel exhaust, save transit agencies thousands of dollars, and safeguard the health of both community members and our environment.

“The air quality in Houston is among the worst in the nation and the city is falling behind when it comes to cleaning up its transportation system," said TexPIRG State Director Bay Scoggin.

"Replacing our diesel-powered transit buses with electric buses will protect the health of local residents while reducing millions of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year.”

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Photo: Electric buses can transform the way we get around and leave a greener footprint on the planet. Credit: Staff.

Support a transition to electric buses

The Harris County commitment to electric buses wouldn't be possible without funding from our leaders. Tell our governor to support a transition to zero-emission buses.