As the second week of spring break begins, I wanted to update the student resources I sent last week and give you some ways to help others during this unprecedented moment. 

As you know, on March 30th, all classes will resume online and students who live on campus are asked to move out throughout this week. 

Here are a few resources to turn to if you need them:

  1. Housing: The university may provide emergency housing to students who have no other option. Applications close at 8:00 AM on Monday, March 30th. Students can learn more and apply here

  2. Classes: Many professors will be teaching fully online for the first time, so be patient with them as they work out new systems for class.

    1. If you and your professor need help adapting online learning to your specific needs, reach out to Disability Services at 

    2. If you do not have off-campus access to a computer, contact Student Emergency Services at 512-471-5017 or

  3. Textbooks: Online versions of Textbooks are available through VitalSource and can be accessed with your .edu email. Also, check out our long term campaign to make textbooks affordable.

  4. Transportation: UT has suspended their shuttle services. Students can ride all of Cap Metro buses for free using their ID, see their website for service updates and please only use the bus if it is for essential trips to work, healthcare, and the grocery store. 

  5. Food Security: If a student has emergency food needs they can contact Student Emergency Services at 512-471-5017 or If you’re home elsewhere and need emergency food assistance, find your local bank.

  6. Mental Health: The Counseling and Mental Health Center is continuing to offer individual counseling over the phone. See their website for a full list of their changes. 

Get involved

You may find yourselves with extra time during the extended spring break. Taking walks, reading books and netflix binges are all important self care. But there are still ways to make positive change in the world remotely! 

As I reflect on my first full week working from home, I am grateful to have been able to connect with some of you throughout the week to talk about resources, campaign plans or just chat. Please continue to reach out this week, and connect with each other, we will get through this together as a community.