The soot and smog spewed by cars and trucks affects all of us. And we all have a part to play in the solution.

That's why TexPIRG Education Fund and the City of Dallas tapped representatives from municipalities and the University of Texas at Arlington to join a diverse group of electric vehicle stakeholders on Sept. 20.

At the event, more than 40 leaders and advocates discussed obstacles the state faces in promoting electric vehicles, and identified the greatest opportunities for doing so. Attendees pointed to an array of business models, streams of funding, and regulations as they elaborated on campaigns to reduce harmful emissions from Texas transportation.

"Electric vehicle adoption is going to be driven by multiple different sectors simultaneously," said TexPIRG Education Fund Director Bay Scoggin. “You need a little bit from everybody involved—the cities, the businesses, the transit agencies, the utilities, research institutions, and advocates like us."

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Photo: TexPIRG Education Fund Director Bay Scoggin addresses advocates alongside municipal and university leaders at an electric vehicle stakeholder conference, cohosted by TexPIRG Education Fund and the City of Dallas. Credit: Jason Waite Photography