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On this next one, I don’t know whom to believe, but I will share both sides so you can decide. A new report from TexPIRG, a consumer public-interest group, accuses AutoNation, the nation’s largest auto retailer, of selling cars that required recall repairs that weren’t done.

The group says it studied 2,400 vehicles in 12 states including Texas. One out of seven vehicles sold at AutoNation locations in Texas were a danger on the road, the group claims.

The group reported, “Unfixed dangers include potentially explosive Takata airbags, dangerous GM ignition switches and other serious safety defects that lead to manufacturers issuing a recall.”

What does AutoNation say?

“False and inaccurate info,” spokesman Marc Cannon tells me.

He sent me a lengthy statement that explained AutoNation complies with laws.

“No vehicle is sold with open recalls,” it stated.

But later on, the statement contradicts itself: “If the parts are on hand, we repair the vehicle. If there are no parts available for the foreseeable future, contingent on manufacturer instructions, we either hold the vehicle or sell it with full disclosure.”

Customers are required to sign a recall disclosure notice alerting them to a vehicle’s recall status, it continues.

However, TexPIRG recommends that if a vehicle has any outstanding recalls, don’t buy it.

Read TexPIRG’s report: “Unsafe Used Cars for Sale” at

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