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Consumer Group Gives Final Health Care Package an A- on Costs

For Immediate Release

The final health reform package, with the addition of the reconciliation fixes being debated by the Senate today, has earned an A- from the consumer group TexPIRG for its cost-containment provisions.

"These reforms are game-changers which significantly increase America's ability to rein in skyrocketing health care costs.  We will see affordable coverage for families, lower costs for business, and significantly reduced federal deficits,” said Larry McNeely,  Health Care Advocate for the Texas Public Interest Research Group.

Last year, TexPIRG gave the Senate health reform bill a B+, but improvements in the final language bumped the grade up to an A-.

“Despite enormous opposition from health industry lobbies, Congress has assembled strong legislation that will help lower health care costs,” McNeely said. “We congratulate both Houses for enacting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and urge the Senate to quickly finish pass the Reconciliation Act of 2010.”

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