News Release

The Perfect Venue for the Health Care Bill Signing

For Immediate Release

Statement by TexPIRG Health Care Advocate Larry McNeely

“By holding today's signing ceremony at a community college, President Obama could not have picked a more fitting venue. It's not just because the legislation he has signed over the past week will double Pell grants and allow those under 26 years old to stay on their parent's insurance.

“In addition, the bill he signs today has everything to do with America's future, and community colleges like the Northern Virginia Community College are focused like few other institutions on the future.

“This is where many Americans between jobs go to get the training they need for the next step in their careers. When health reform is fully implemented, workers like them won't have to worry about losing their family's health care if they lose or change jobs.

“This is also where employers go to seek the workforce they need to be competitive. And when health reform is fully implemented, employers will see relief from the constantly rising health care costs which are stealing away their competiveness.

“Most importantly, this is where generations of young Americans will get their education. After today, their futures will be a little brighter, now that the nation is finally acting to hold back the rising health costs that threaten not only earnings of these future generations, but the country's fiscal future.”

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