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STATEMENT: Two week extension for testing site funding is not enough

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AUSTIN -- The U.S Department of Health and Human Services has reversed its decision to end federal funding for five of the seven testing sites it had slated for closure in Texas. Last week, the Trump Administration released plans to end federal funding for 13 coronavirus testing sites on June 30 with seven of those testing sites in major Texas cities. Five of the sites in Texas now have a two week extension of federal funding.

Lauren Banister, TexPIRG Associate issued the following statement in response to this decision

“We’re glad that these testing sites will have support from the federal government for the next few weeks. But as COVID-19 cases in Texas and across the country continue to rise, eight sites, including two in Texas lose their federal funding today.”

“Texas cities are already stretched thin trying to provide enough testing and the state is far from having community spread of coronavirus under control.”

“Health professionals say that a comprehensive testing system is the best way to contain COVID-19 outbreaks and help ease the burden on our hospitals and health professionals. This two week extension for five of the eight testing sites is not enough.The administration should be increasing it's federal funding and coordination of testing site not scaling it back."

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