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New Child Nutrition Bill Takes Important Steps Forward on Food Safety

For Immediate Release

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) introduced a bill today that proposes about $8 billion in additional funding over 10 years for child nutrition programs, including school breakfast and lunch.  

The bill, the, reauthorizes and expands funding for the Child Nutrition Act -- the funding bill for the National School Lunch Program.  

TexPIRG advocate Melissa Cubria had the following statement:

“We are pleased to see the addition of some very important food safety provisions in the bill introduced by Chairman Miller today. These measures will improve the notification to schools in the event of food recalls, increase inspections of cafeterias, and provide important information about food vendors to the schools.  These provisions will go a long way toward ensuring that food on a school lunch tray doesn’t expose our children to food borne illnesses.  

“The food on a lunch tray should be nutritious and safe.  We look forward to working with Chairman Miller to expand these provisions as the bill moves through the committee process.”

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