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TexPIRG Wall Street Reform Amendment Guide Tracks Public Interest Votes

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A new publication from the Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG) released today guides Senators through the maze of amendments likely to be offered for the Restoring America’s Financial Security Act of 2010 and indicates which way to vote – “yes” or “no” – in the public interest.

The Wall Street Reform Amendment Guide: A Senators' Guide to Public Interest Votes That Protect Consumers, available online here, explains to Senators, their constituents and the media how to understand what is at stake with each set of amendments and why a public interest vote is crucial to America’s financial security. 

“We expect many, many amendments – some meant to weaken or even gut the bill and others meant to strengthen the proposed legislation. It is crucial that Senators Cornyn and Hutchison, their constituents and the media know how they should each vote if they want to protect our economy and our families from another potential meltdown,” explained Melissa Cubria, TexPIRG Advocate. 

In addition to releasing the guide – which was distributed to Senate offices and the media on Friday –TexPIRG will be tracking votes on amendments on a daily basis and scoring each Senator on their public interest vote. Watch for updates to the page.

“The public needs a voter’s guide and score card to follow Senators and see clearly which Senators are casting their votes for Main Street families and which are voting for Wall Street CEOs,” Cubria concluded.

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