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Data Current through July 21, 2020
Last updated: 7/22/2020

COVID Exit Strategy (, a nonpartisan group of public health and crisis experts, has been tracking the progress states have made towards containing COVID-19. On July 10th, as the epidemic worsened, the group added a new color to their grading scale, indicating states with uncontrolled spread of the virus. Texas is one of 20 states currently in this category – our state is not meeting the CDC recommended benchmarks for reopening, and the situation is getting worse.

The benchmarks include: Daily COVID+ per 100,00 population, Daily COVID Test Positivity and Hospital Capacity

Texas is failing 2 out of 3 critical benchmarks Texas PIRG has been tracking, indicating that the spread of the virus has reached levels that cannot be contained through a test and trace strategy. TexPIRG recommends the state return to a full lockdown, closing non-essential businesses state-wide, until the spread of the virus can be brought under control again.

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