TexPIRG Legislative Scorecard

Grading Texas' Legislators on their 2019 Votes
Last updated: 6/27/2019

The Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG) released its legislative scorecard today, grading Texas legislators on 11 bills impacting consumers, democracy and public health. While the scores were generally very good, an average of 80%, 30 State Representatives and 1 State Senator, Kirk Watson, D-Austin, scored a full 100% for their support of the public interest. 

“We were very happy with how this session turned out,” said Bay Scoggin, TexPIRG Director. “It’s great to see when legislators from both sides of the aisle come together for the bread and butter issues of protecting consumers.”

“From ending non-federal surprise medical bills to more transparency for freestanding ERs, transparency in government spending to clean air funding, bipartisan support for the public interest won the day,” Scoggin continued.

Here’s a look at some of the bills:

  • Healthcare

    • SB1264, sponsored by Senator Kelly Hancock, expands on a Texas Department of Insurance program that protects consumers from surprise medical bills caused by out-of-network healthcare. Taking the consumer out of the equation means far less stress for consumers and far more surprise medical bills ended before they began.

    • HB2041, by State Reps. Oliverson, Phelan, Wray, Zervas, protects consumers by requiring freestanding emergency rooms to have transparency for their prices, ending abuse of consumers with massive, surprising prices 

  • Transparency

    • SB606, by Sen.Watson and Rep. Nevarez, increases transparency in spending by the special district Lower Colorado River Authority, an ask made by TexPIRG in the report, Following the Money

    • HB2587, by Representative Lucio III, would increase transparency in the travel insurance market, protecting consumers from abuse

    • HB1992, by Representatives Leman, Hefner, Raymond, and Thierry, would disallow telemarketers from using a process called, “Spoofing”, which falsifies caller IDs

“Many thanks to all the legislators who supported consumers across the state in this session. Our message today is clear, the public interest movement continues to be good policy, good politics, and legislators are beginning to recognize that,” finished Scoggin.

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