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STATEMENT: President Biden’s new COVID-19 plan should help curb rampant spread of delta variant

President Joe Biden announced a sweeping plan Thursday to combat the highly transmissible delta variant of the virus that causes COVID-19.

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STATEMENT: Nursing home vaccine mandate will save lives

"We applaud the move to get more nursing home staff vaccinated. This will save lives."

COVID-19 tests and vaccines are free to consumers. End of story.

By | Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

Some consumers continue to be billed for COVID tests and vaccines. So let's get the story straight here.

News Release | U.S. PIRG | COVID-19

Statement: As CDC director says, it’s not time to lift restrictions

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have jumped back upward as several governors across the country are lifting restrictions that curb the spread of the virus.

“We don’t attack those negative messages. We just have to profoundly overwhelm the senses with the positive messages — in addition to showing them the spot on your arm where you got the shot.”

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Statement: Governor Abbott lifting restrictions risks lives

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that he plans to lift Texas’s statewide mask mandate and other precautions designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) The governor’s statements came just days after the number of U.S. deaths attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic surpassed half a million people, including more than 44,000 Texans

According to a Bloomberg tracker, only 5.4 percent of Texas’s population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with 11.6 percent having received one of the two recommended doses. That’s far short of the 75-85 percent of the population health experts say need to be vaccinated to activate herd immunity and effectively neutralize the virus. 

In response Bay Scoggin, TexPIRG director, released the following statement:

“COVID-19 is now responsible for killing more than one out of every 700 Texans. While it’s good news that cases and hospitalizations have declined in recent weeks, and vaccinations are on the rise, we might see a case surge soon caused by circumstances beyond our control --. crowds of Texans had to gather at warming stations after losing power during the recent deep freeze. 

Consumers still at risk for harmful over-the-counter drug products of all types because of soft federal regulations.

Hospital technicians renew urgent call for Right to Repair medical equipment

By | Kevin O'Reilly
Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair

The COVID-19 pandemic still rages, but issues facing medical device repair go unresolved.

News Release | TexPIRG | COVID-19

TexPIRG Statement on Corporate Liability Shield

During Monday’s State of the State Address, Gov. Abbott announced a policy he called, “civil liability protections“, which would exempt corporations from any liability and give consumers no recourse against bad acting companies that refuse to comply with basic public health orders. 

TexPIRG Director Bay Scoggin released the following statement in response:

“Governor Abbott’s desired legislation would reward companies that cut corners at the expense of companies that protect their workers and customers,” said Scoggin. “When nobody is accountable, nobody is safe.”


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